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December 26, The Beginning

Woodbury Construction were engaged to construct our house.

-Here's the house site after the initial clearing.  Notice how the two oak trees frame North Pack Monadnock Mountain.

March 14
-After blasting for a cellar hole.

+-A nearby waterfall, just beyond the western property boundary.

May 15-21, Sawyering

+-Wolf Custom Cutting brought their equipment to our site.

-They made some skids.

++-Several Beams.
+++-Some curved braces.
-And lumber as a by-product.

May 29, Footings

June 3, North Pack Monadnock
-The Summit
+-The View

June 4, Basement Walls
-Mike supervised the pouring of the basement walls by Carroll Concrete.
-Setting up.
-Dry, notice all the nubs--they have to be pounded off by hand.

June 6, Weather
+-Cool cloud effects.

June 8, Foundation Work
-The foundation gets water-proofed.
-The foundation gets insulated.

June 10, North Pack Monadnock Part 2
-From North Pack looking North
-From North Pack looking North with Labels
-From North Pack looking North.
-The Clearing, -Magnified

June 10-13
-Crushed rock was placed in the cellar and pounded down.
-Lines were run to the well.
-Dirt was back-filled against the foundation walls
-And pounded down.

June 14, Durisol
-TheDurisol® arrived.

June 17, Waste Mis-Management
-The dumpster almost arrived.

June 18, Septic Tank
-The Septic tank was installed.

June 18-24, The First Floor Deck
++++++++-Alternate view.

June 24, The Well
-This rig drilled the well.  McKenna Well Drilling Inc., (603) 563-8313, Dublin, NH 03444
-This was the view from the rig.

June 26-July 1, Durisol Deployed

July 2, Basement Floor Poured
-More Durisol progress.

July 11, Upper Deck
-The future home of "The Boys".
-West Side Story

July 14, Beta Test
+-The heartier members of the family camp out.
++-Quarter Moon in a Ten-Cent town.

July 11-August 15, Masonry Heater


July 15, Durisol meets Concrete
+-With appologies to "Wayne's World".
-Phil fills.

July 22-24, And now the heavy lifting
-This crane from American Steel made all the difference.
+-Assembling Bent 4 (Southernmost).
-Assembling Bent 1 (Northernmost).
- Assembling Bent 3.
-Bents 1&2 in place.
-Bent 3 added.
-All 4 bents (very large picture).
-Facing South.
+-Side Views
-Need a good contractor?
-Nice detail.
-Icing on the cake.
-Steve Amstutz and the team from Amstutz Woodworking.

July 25-August 6, The Roof
+-The ridgepole is placed.
+-Another day's progress.
-The view East from the ridgepole

August 5-15, Leaching Field

August 15, The Porch

August 27, Shingling Begins

-The shingles were staged for easy deployment.
-Six inches of copper flashing was added at the drip edge.  Then Bituthene® was applied to the roof to within one inch of the drip edge.
-Four courses of EcoStartm rubber slate shingles have been installed.  The first course was upside-down (on purpose).
-Looking up from under the eves.

August 28, Shingling Continues
-Several more courses have been aded.
-Up close look

August 30, Shingling Continues
-Nearly done on the west side.
-Several braces have been removed.

September 3-4, The Porch Roof
-Sheets of copper are laid on the porch roof.
-finished result.

September 10, Solar
-We built the frame and attached the solar panels.
-Kind of biospherical, huh?

September 10, All in review of course
-Here's the East side from the Northeast.
-Here's the East side from the Southeast.

September 30, Santa-proofing
-The Chimney and ridgecaps are installed.

October 8, Roughing
-Electric wires have been roughed in and insulation has been blown into the ceiling.
-This will supply the washing machine.

October 9, It's Alive!
-This light is powered by the solar panels!

October 18, Macrohard Windows®

October 21, Plaster
-BlueBoard has been installed on all walls and the ceiling.
+-Then it gets plastered.

October 23, Nature
-Nature says, "Get moving!"
November 4, Interior Progress

November 11, Veterans Day
-From the South East
-From the South
-Looking South
-The Power Plant
-The west side
-The Kitchen
-One of the boys' bed nooks.
-Most children are told to make their beds.  These children were told to make their window.
November 13, When will it end?
-Trim has been applied.
-Somewhere there are some delighted sailors.
November 18, The View
-From the stairs, looking at North Pack Monadnock.
-Through a first floor window at sunset.
-The view from the dining alcove.

November 19, The Leonids
The five of us got up at 4:45 and drove to the house to watch the Leonids.  It was 24° and the sky was partly hazy.  There was a halo around the setting full moon.  There were enough gaps in the haze for us to witness about 50 meteorites.  A few times we saw five in a fifteen second span.  We also saw the ISS fly over.

November 22, Moving Day
We rented a U-Haul and moved the piano and other large items.

November 25, More Moving Day
Using the pick-up truck, we moved the remaining large items and most everything else.
-Then we warmed up by the fire.
-Talked about "Beamed up!"