Caution: The following contains graphic financial language.

Saturday February 27
Woke up at 6.
Linda drove me to MHT.
Flew non-stop to MCO ($362), read "Risk" by Dick Francis, arrived at noon.
Dollar rent-a-car told me to kill 45 minutes so I went to feeding-time-at-the-zoo.
I bought a Nathan's Famous Hotdogs combo meal and looked for a place to sit.
After about 3 minutes of wandering, I heard my name be called.
I turned around and there's Sharon (the boss' wife).
They were just leaving Orlando, so I had lunch with them.
I then got my convertible (black Sebring JXI) and drove like a lemming to Mouse World.
After three trips through the Magic Kingdom entrance, I found Fort Wilderness Cabins.
I checked in ($1907.70) and was assigned cabin 2860.
2860 was very nice, it had a bedroom with a double bed and a bunk bed.
The living room had a murphy bed and a sleep sofa.
They were mutex though, their footprints overlapped 75%.
Went to trading post (you trade money).
Bought a couple Grapefruit juices.
Clerk asked "How's it going?"
I said "Fine so far".
Clerk asked "What have you seen?"
I said "The airport".
Eventually I drove back to MCO and picked up Bob.
We dined at a buffet in Fort Wilderness (pork ribs).

Sunday February 28
Woke up at 7:30
Took monorail to
Bought 5 day pass ($244).
Survived Spaceship Earth.
Went to China and watched 360 degree movie (pretty good).
Went to chinese restaurant and had lemon chicken.
Queried workers about test drive at GM's "world of recalls".
They said maybe this afternoon.
Went to France and watched 180 degree movie (pretty good).
Everything else was either "been there" or "I'm not doing that".
Took monorail to
    Magic Kingdom
Had a Florida Orange Growers ice cream treat (Can't touch the SunKist booth at DisneyLine).
Toured haunted house (lame).
Rode boat (ok).


Saw the 3PM parade down Main St.
Several of my (and no doubt your) favorite Disney characters
    (Tigger comes to mind)
    were singing from a float "Remember the trademark!"
Rode train (ok).
Rode something of the future something (z).
Returned to cabin
Went to Downtown Disney.
Got putrified by the "Pleasure Island" >18 <30 (IQ) "entertainment" area therein.
Dined at Fulton's Crab House (We serve crabs, we serve anyone).
Finally saw something worthwhile - McDonald's, Lego and Ghirardelli almost side by side.
Started "In the frame" by Dick Francis.

Monday March 1
Woke up at 7:30
Went to Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Looked for Marlon Perkins (he had the good sense not to show).
20 minute wait for a safari.


Went on a safari.  Unexpectedly saw poachers, just like the brochure said we would.
Rode slow train through boring area to education center.
Wised up and stayed on train for immediate return.
Lunch at bbq shack.
Get me outta here!
Went to Disney/MGM's Universal Studio wannabe.
Took "Star Tours tm", didn't lose lunch.
Saw Muppet 3D movie (fun)
Had a soft serve ice cream sundae.
Wandered aimlessly.
Went to Maya Grill for dinner (grilled lobster tail, shrimp, steak)
Played mini-golf at Fantasia mini-golf course.
    played the non-fantasia tm course
    (100 foot holes with out any flat surfaces.)
    I double eagled 84' #14.
    My tee shot went 90', bounced of the back wall and rolled into the cup.
    I won a Sprite for that.
Started "For kicks" by Dick Francis.

Tuesday March 2
Woke up at 7:30
Went to Blizzard Beach water park.  Bob went elsewhere.
Rode the gondola 4 times.
Rode "Teamboat springs" 3 times.
Various other slides.
Floated around the complex in the never ending moat.
Bought 2 hotdogs for lunch.
Returned to cabin.
Went to Fort Wilderness' lake.
Rented 9.9hp motorboat.
Menaced several ducks for 1/2 hour.
returned to cabin.
went back to EPCOT with Bob.
Saw "Honey I shrunk the audience" (Eric Idle, say no more).
GM's "World of recalls" still recalled.
Walked to Yachtman's steakhouse (Prime rib).
Played mini-golf at Fantasia mini-golf course.
    played the Fantasia tm course.
    shorter holes, but lame.
Started "The Edge" by Dick Francis.

Wednesday March 3
Woke up at 7:30
Cool and cloudy.
TV forecast said rain 'til 1PM.
Went to Typhoon Lagoon water park without Bob.
10 cars in lot.
No lines.
1:1 lifeguard to patron ratio.
rode a few slides.
floated around in the moat.
Saw several less-than-perky Disney employees shivering.
Hotdog for lunch.
Bob and I each rented a motor boat for an hour.
dined somewhere
Noticed I was out of books so we drove off campus.
Saw a 3D-IMAX on Universal nee Republic Drive.
Found a Border's bookshop and bought 5 books (guess).
Returned to check out IMAX theater.
Show time in 3 minutes.
We'll take 2.
Saw "Into the deep" by IMAX films Inc.  I think it was directed by Dick Francis.
Felt like you were "living in a fish bowl" (Ask Mike or Rebecca or Jim or Paul).

read "Nerve" by Dick Francis

Thursday March 4
Woke up at 7:30
Went to Downtown Disney
Breakfast at McDonalds
Bought Cirque Du Soleil tickets ($120 for 2)
did laundry, hung out by pool.
Went to Cirque Du Soleil. (Worth twice the price)
dinner at Italian Restaurant, 25 minute wait
    burger at McDonald's
    finally steak grilled in Parmesan cheese.
read "Slay Ride" by Dick Francis

Friday March 5
Woke up at 7:30
Went to River Country water park.
slide water was unheated.
rode 2 slides and then hung out in heated pool.
went to TGIFriday's for lunch.
returned to Blizzard Beach to float in moat.
Met Bob at the Grand Floridated (old money and older patrons)
    character buffet, photo op with several chars.


read "Come to grief" by Dick Francis

Saturday March 6
Woke up at 7:30
hung out in pool.
Found a M.B.E.
    sent spent books to Mom.
    sent spent clothes to VAutomation.
Another motor boat ride.
Met Ned at Olive Garden in Orlando (well, one of the seven).
Haagen Daz
read "Blood Sport" by Dick Francis

Sunday March 7
Woke up at 5:15
drove Bob to Airport.
returned to cabin
checked out.
Yes, Bob, I mailed the postcard.
Returned rental car
Another Nathan's Famous Combo.
Got seat 4F on plane.
Pilot said 2:34 flight time, so I timed him.
2:34 on the nose.
read "Enquiry" by Dick Francis
composed trip report almost entirely from memory.

Monday March 8
Woke up at 6:00
Meet co-workers at work for ride to off-site meeting at Loon Mtn conference center.