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Feel free to request a ride :-(
I took delivery Friday, August, 24, 2001 at Noon.
I took the fatal hit Monday, October, 17, 2005 at 5:15 pm.

I was headed south on Windham Road in Pelham, NH when an oncoming Subaru plowed into the back half of my car.
Then he hit the front right corner of the next car behind me.
Finally he lost an argument with a pine tree.
He did get a free helicopter ride for his troubles.
All the sad photos are here.
The car is totalled.
Thanks to R. Keith Beal for the first 4 photos.
The police report is here.

What I'll Miss
What I Won't
Top Down on Mt Washington
Tulley BMW
Auto-UP on both windows
Cruise control without ON/OFF switch
power seats which don't move
BMW buying experience
BMW ownership experience
Impressing the chicks
Impressing the young boys

Leaky rag top

Leaky hard top

Gas cap on passenger side

26.25 MPG

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Rest In Pieces (New!)

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I sold my ARC stock on June 20, 2001.  15 months later it's dropped 70%.

Update 2009-08-18:
Chip designer ARC International has recommended a cash offer from Virage Logic of 16.25p a share - a 38% premium to the company's closing price the day before the offer period. The offer values ARC at 25m GBP, 2.27% of its market capitalisation of 1.1b GBP shortly after it listed in September 2000.