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[TXT]00 I WAS NOT HURT.txt2005-10-24 04:51 1k
[IMG]13 i might be able to make a lamp out of this.jpg2005-10-18 21:20 37k
FileThumbs.db2006-02-17 00:31 57k
[IMG]08 exes mark the spots.jpg2005-10-18 21:10 127k
[IMG]09 ill take the tree on the left please.jpg2005-10-18 21:11 146k
[IMG]04 spring surprise.jpg2005-10-18 21:02 164k
[IMG]14 try taking off your shoe without untieing it first.jpg2005-10-19 13:00 197k
[IMG]03 spring surprise.jpg2005-10-18 21:05 200k
[IMG]05 the perp.jpg2005-10-18 21:06 203k
[IMG]10 home plate.jpg2005-10-18 21:12 208k
[IMG]11 ARC giveth and the arc taketh away.jpg2005-10-18 21:20 222k
[IMG]07 how do you miss this curve.jpg2005-10-18 21:09 239k
[IMG]06 sad and alone.jpg2005-10-18 21:08 247k
[IMG]02 spring surprise.jpg2005-10-18 21:03 269k
[IMG]12 overview.jpg2005-10-18 21:17 297k
[IMG]01b rest in pieces.jpg2005-10-19 13:01 308k
[IMG]01 rest in pieces.jpg2005-10-18 21:04 345k
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