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Saturday the 3rd

Got boarding passes 1 & 2.
Began reading Wilderness by Robert B Parker
When we boarded the plane, the exit row was empty and the window seat did not have a seat in front of it.  I ran right to it.  I had 6 feet of leg room.
Took off.
Finished reading Wilderness.
We had to wait an hour in Orlando for our Dollar-Rent-A-Carconvertible.

 reminds me of the sign in Watertown Square "Parking for amputees only"
80 degrees and sunny.
Lunch at McDonalds: burgers and fries
Check in to Fort Wilderness Cabin 2110.

(Here you are Diane)

Swam in pool, worked on tan.
Drove to airport to pick up Andy at 8PM.
Dinner at T.G.I.Fridays: Herb grilled chicken.
Began reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson

Sunday the 4th
Drove to Perkins Restaurant for breakfast: strawberry belgian waffle and hash browns.
Rode bus to settlement depot.
Bought stylish poncho.
(Here you are Will)
Dinner at Yachtman's Steak House: beef ribs
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Monday the 5th
Documented tan.
Documented view from cabin
called 877-Red-Soxx and ordered 3 tickets for tomorrow's game.
removed Gecko from room.

Went to character breakfast at Wilderness Lodge: scrambled, bacon, sausage, OJ

Headed to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
Had brainstorm: use valet parking, save 15 minutes of walking
Rode the Cat in the Hat ride.

Rode One fish Two Fish
Rode Caro-seuss-el

Made a new friend

Found out where green eggs come from
walked to Toon Lagoon
found place for shiny things to hang out
returned to

Rode the Cat in the Hat ride.
Notice the "No photography" sign this time.
Exited park, returned to Cabin.
Admired new toilet, it had been changed since we left.
Dinner at Chef Mickey's buffet at the Contemporary: prime rib, flank steak, taters, shrimp, mac & cheese & ham, sprite
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Tuesday the 6th
Documented tan

Drove to Fort Meyers for ball game. (192 miles)
Breakfast at McDonalds: sausage, biscuit, sprite
Johnny Kelly throws out first pitch
Play ball!

Drove back to Orlando (188 miles)
Dinner at Olive Garden: ravioli, breadsticks, sprite
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Wednesday the 7th
Checked out of Wilderness 2210 - 21 phone calls.
Breakfast at Perkins: country fried steak, sunny side up, hash brown, toast, OJ
drove to airport, exchanged rent a car for a Four-Seater

drove to Coronado Springs Resort and checked in.

checked out pools

used pools

Dinner at Pepper Market: Rib Eye steak, fries, sprite, sundae
Drove to Airport to pick up Bob
crash without reading Cryptonomicon

Thursday the 8th
Documented tan
walked to lobby, mailed postcards.  Let me know if you don't get yours.
walked back to room
walked to Pepper Market for breakfast: bacon, hash browns, OJ, stickybun
walked back to room, saw:

Sorry Netscape users, image too big
visited Lake Buena Vista golf course for old-times sake.
saw a few friends

Pirate's Cove: played mini-golf.  After one stroke each:


    "Near Miss"
    "Too full on the head pin"
    "Life's a beach"

had lunch at potato skins and sprite
went swimming

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Check out our hardware setup Ben Runnion-Bareford couldn't do better.

Walk to Maya Grill, take in sunset  

Dinner at Maya Grill: lobster tail, jumbo shrimp, salmon, VSD, sprite, some kind of soaked hermit for desert
drove to Downtown Disney
walked to Ghirardelli: strawberry shake
returned to room
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Friday the 9th
walk to marina, rent kayak, take panorama of complex

and reduce it for Netscape=> 
I think kayak manufacturer previously made bidets.
drive to Disney's Boardwalk
Meet Genie from I Dream of Genie

Walk to ESPN club.
It's not open yet, linger near water.
Bob gets attacked
but we pick attacker out of a lineup
Enter ESPN club

Lunch is BBQ pulled pork sandwich, fries, sprite, hockey puck
Drive to Polynesian Resort and rent WaterMice.
take picture of Fort Wilderness resort 
take picture of less aggressive bird
returned to Coronado
drive to Downtown Disney
Ghirardelli: strawberry shake
walk to Cirque du Soleil
awesome show as always

Saturday the 10th
drove to the Muvico theatres for 10AM showing of CyberWorld in 3D (Presented by Intel)
arrived at cinema - 10AM was yesterday's showtime, today it's 4:30
walk across the street to the Sizzler: hash browns, donut, croissant, sausage (2 kinds), bacon, biscuit, OJ
return to room
talk John into parasailing
1130 opening reserved
drive to the Contemporary
stop in snack bar to prime John
walk out onto pier, buy 600' ride for Russell and 400' ride for John.
I go first.
going up
600' from the boat
here's the view

John's turn

Here's the quicktime movie, don't try this with a modem. Parasailing
Now, where do two men who've faced death go for lunch?
That's right, ESPN club.
1/2 pulled pork sandwich, fries, Oreo Cookie milkshake
Afterwards I needed to visit Men's

I realize it's not "Loo of the Year" but it does have more live sports being broadcast into it.
Return to room, swim, read
drive to Muvico IMAX for 4:30 CyberWorld in 3D
buy ticket
walk up stairs into theatre
hand ticket to ticket-taker
Ticket-taker says "I thought we cancelled that."  "Hey, Manager.  Didn't we cancel CyberWorld?"
Manager: "Of course.  Why?"
Ticket-taker: "This guy has a ticket for it!"
Manager: "Oh.  I guess we should take it off of the board"
Me: "Will it ever be shown?"
Manager: "Our projectionist is out with a segmentation fault, and the lease expires the 15th".
Me: "Good bye"
return to room
Dinner at Pepper Market: Prime Rib, Fries, Sprite, Vanilla ice cream with chocolate bits
return to room
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Sunday the 11th
Drove Andy to airport
Checked out of Coronado - 22 phone calls
Drove to Fantasia mini-golf (So that John and Bob would see how bad it is)

REMOVED: "The Movie"
Drove to Wide World Of Sports
Lunch: Ribs, Fries, 2 (yes 2 Scott) Strawberry shakes
Drove to Fort Wilderness Cabins
Checked into #2235
REMOVED: "Documented how the Murphy Bed works"
set up network

See, it works

Went for a swim -- towels not included.
Went for a swim with towel.
Got email from Mom, look what we missed

Olive Garden for Dinner: veal parm, breadsticks, spaghetti, VSD
WalGreens: Nail Clipper
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Monday the 12th
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Dropped John and Bob off at Experimental Planned Comercial Of Tomorrow

Compared to

Rented watermouse
Met for lunch at ESPN Club: BBQ pulled pork, fries, oreo shake, sprite
Went to Blizzard Beach with John: closed - too many customers
Returned to room
scheduled waterskiing for 3PM
went to Contemporary to waterski
How to briefly waterski (or how to spend $3 per second)
returned to pool at Cabin
returned to room
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dinner at 1900 Park Fare, The Grand Floridian Character Buffet (Villians)
1st plate: Red Jello, Crutons, Sun Flower Seeds
2nd plate: prime rib, white rice
3rd plate: salmon, ziti
4th plate: cheese cake tart w/strawberry
5th plate: Vanilla ice cream with " & 's" (m-less M&M's)
returned to room, chased armadillo out of driveway so John could park/breathe again.
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Tuesday the 13th

Go to Blizzard Beach alone at 10
It's sunny
Runoff Rapids
Cross Country Creek

Downhill Double Dipper

Toboggan Racers

Cross Country Creek
It starts to rain
Teamboat Springs
Cross Country Creek
Lottawatta Lodge: 2 Hot Dogs, Sprite
Cross Country Creek
Didn't do REMOVED "Summit Plummet" or "Slush Gusher"
Return to FW at 1:30
Meanwhile, John and Bob went to Disney's Animal Kingdom where they unexpectedly saw poachers just like the brochure said they would.
They also saw

<>John failed to notice this 
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Banged head on lamp, bottom bulb blew.
Went to The Polynesian's Kona Cafe for dinner: teriyaki steak, onion rings, rice, VSD, sprite
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Wednesday the 14th
Admired Armadillo's work

Leave note for housekeeping re: the bulb
Drove to The Holy Land Experience
It's full, come back at 2PM
Drove to lunch

Went shopping
Went back to Holy Land

played mini golf 

John dropped me off the the muvico theatre.
Finally got to see Cyber World in 3D
No big deal, except the Simpsons episode was cool.
As soon a movie ended, muvico turned off the 3D glasses even though the credits were in 3D - losers.
Walked out of theatre and down stairs.
There in front of me was the taxi rank.
$23 later I'm back at Fort Wilderness.
Go for swim
Bulb not replaced
Bang head on lamp, top bulb blew

Drive to Dolphin
Don Shula's steakhouse is too busy/stuffy, walk to Yachtman's Steakhouse
28 oz porterhouse, fries, bread, sprite
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Thursday the 15th
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call housekeeping, report two bulbs out
Went to Typhoon Lagoon

Returned to room and ate leftovers.

Bulbs have been replaced
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returned to Typhoon Lagoon
dined at Concourse Steakhouse: filet mignon, lobster tail, asparagus, VSD, cappichino mousse
visited arcade
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Friday the 16th
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drove to Orlando to buy more souvenirs
Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes: salad, rolls, fro-yo, strawberry lemonade
returned to Mouse

bus to Lake
rented watermice for John and me.

visited petting zoo

visited more animals

 visited stables

looked up in tree

dinner at Portobello Yacht Club
pasta with seafood on it (crab, shrimp, clams, scallops), 2 strawberry lemonade, cappichino gelato

Finish reading Cryptonomicon 918 pages

Saturday the 17th
Document tan


begin The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus

leave Fort Winderness Cabin 2235 - 53 phone calls
bought gas
Lunch at Fridays: french dip, fries, sprite
drop Bob off at Hertz
drop car off at Dollar
check bags
12:20 queue for boarding pass, I'm first in line
13:45 receive passes 1 & 2
13:46 queue for boarding #1-30 (first in line)
14:20 board, grab seat 12F as there is no 11F!


* Played cards

The aptly named bottom line