Newfoundland and Labrador 2009

Thursday the 3rd
80° sunny
Eastern Daylight Time
0910 Odom = 124319
0930 dentist
1500 leave work
1540 pick up ‘rents
1610 Buckhorns Restaurant: Hot fudge sundae (and, say “Hi” to Brian)
1830 Weathervane, Waterville ME: fried shrimp, fries, sprite
2010 Comfort Inn, Bangor ME

Friday the 4th
60-75° sunny
0800 depart
0900  see Katahdin

1050 Gas: Houlton, ME, USA. odom = 124715
1100 Canadian border at Houlton, ME
Atlantic Daylight Time
1200 Canadian border at Houlton, ME
1315 McDonalds, Fredericton, NB: Angus Burger, Fries, Sprite
1430 McCabe’s Famous Ice Cream, Cambridge, NB: Coffee/Sugar cone

1655 EconoLodge MacPuffin, Port Hastings, NS
1705 Hearthstone Inn: Chicken Fingers, Fries, Sprite

Saturday the 5th
60-70° sunny
0730 depart
1010 Gas: Sydney, NS. odom = 125212
1040 arrive Marine-Atlantic ferry terminal, North Sydney, NS
1130 depart for Port-aux-Basques, NL
1200 Roast beef, bacon, bbq sauce sub, sprite


1430 chips, sprite

1700 fish and chips, sprite

Newfoundland daylight time
1800 arrive Port-aux-Basques, NL

2020 Comfort Inn, Corner Brook, NL

Sunday the 6th
40-60° sunny
0720 leave hotel
0722 McDonalds opens at 8
    Sign on door says open 24 hours.  Apparently not in a row.
0740 Tim Hortons, Marble Mountain, NL, opens at 8
0810 Tim Hortons, Deer Lake, NL: Sausage biscuit, OJ
0850 Enter Gros Morne National Park
0900 See Red Fox
0920 hit bump
0930 car sounds funny
0931 Moose!

0932 reverse direction
0933 Moose!
0934 reverse direction
0935 Moose!
0938 car sounds funny when bumps are hit
0940 car sounds funny
0941 car shakes as if tire is flat, pull over slightly, shoulder is only two feet wide.
0942 get out, yes, right rear tire is flat.
0943 move everything from trunk to back seat
            Change tire
            Force full size tire into spare’s well
            Move everything from back seat to trunk.
0958 proceed.
            Note that today is Sunday, chance of getting new tire is low.
1010 Mom spots Bald Eagle
1130 arrive Woodward Group ferry St Barbe, NL.
1140 get ticket
1150 Gas: St Barbe, NL. odom = 125591
1155 queue for ferry

1230 drive on board ferry
1300 depart
1320 lunch on ferry: two hot dogs, AJ

1455 arrive Blanc-Sablon, QC
Back in Atlantic Daylight time where it’s 1325 but we’ll keep it simple for Richard’s sake
1500 notice NAPA store in Blanc-Sablon
            It’s closed today but open Monday at 8 ADT
1510 check into Northern Light Inn, L’Anse au Clair, NL (recommended)
Learn that tomorrow is Labour Day
1520 go for ride (west)
1540 find nice waterfall

1550 turn around

1620 return to Inn
1700 Restaurant in Northern Light Inn: Roast Turkey dinner, fries, 7-Up

Monday the 7th
40-50° sunny – 45° rain
0720 Breakfast in Inn: Two eggs over easy, sausage, toast, OJ
0805 NAPA – Not open, only 0635 in ADT.
            Return to Inn – Learn that ferry is not operating due to weather
0935 NAPA – Apparently closed on Labour day
0940 drive to Point Amour Lighthouse
1020 Point Amour Lighthouse – very breezy (30-40) great breakers



1100 return to Inn for lunch: Hot Roast Beef sandwich, fries, 7-Up
1140 return to Cottage to read
1300 drive to ferry overlook – no sign
1320 drive to ferry – sign says check back at 3
1330 return to overlook with book – read
1446 rain starts
1530 return to Inn
1700 dinner in Inn: Ribs and Chicken, fries, 7-Up

Tuesday the 8th
40-55° sunny
0630 wake up
0700 Breakfast in Inn: Two eggs over easy, sausage, toast, OJ
0810 queue for ferry ticket (plan to go to NAPA after)
            Get ticket, told to be in line at 0930 (exact moment that NAPA opens)
0835 get in ferry queue, we’re first!
1000 board ferry, we're still first, in fact no one gets off ‘til we do.
1030 ferry departs

1130 lunch: two hot dogs, AJ
1200 ferry arrives in St Barbe
            First off!
            Drive 10 miles south to a NAPA at Plum Point, NL
1215 NAPA – yes they have a P195/65 R15 (151 CDN)
            Hand over old tire
1220 receive new tire
1225 install new tire
1230 ready to go!
1231 car won’t start
            Dashboard blinks
            Try turning key quickly, car starts but run rough, then stalls
            Ask NAPA to look at it
            Dead battery is diagnosis
            NAPA puts charger on battery
            Car starts
            Leave car running for a while
            Buy spare battery which is one inch larger than current
1310 depart for St Anthony, NL
1500 arrive Triple Rose B&B, St Anthony, NL (highly recommended)
1600 drive to L'Anse aux Meadows
1630 dinner at Lightkeepers Café: Fried Shrimp, fries, 7-Up
1800 Go out looking for Moose
    None on main road
    Try side road, no dice.
    On return: Moose!

Wednesday the 9th
45° rain just ended – 55° sunny
0700 breakfast at Triple Rose: Two eggs over easy, toast, OJ
0730 Dad spots moose in yard

0740 depart for points south
0820 Caribou spotted
0830 Labrador spotted

0845 Gas: St Barbe, NL. odom = 125960
0900 wave at NAPA
1040 Gros Morne

1100 waterfall

1300 Mary Brown’s, Deer Lake, NL: Chicken fingers, 7-Up
1430 Baie Verte, NL: Ice Cream: Orange Pineapple in Cardboard cone
1450 Soapstone Quarry

1500 Fleur de Lys, NL
1745 Corner Brook, NL, McDonalds: Angus Burger, fries, Sprite
1815 Gas: Corner Brook, NL. odom = 126419
1830 Corner Brook, Comfort Inn

Thursday the 10th
34° foggy - 50° sunny - 65° sunny
0710 McDonalds: Sausage Muffin, hash browns, sprite
0940 Port-aux-Basques ferry
1030 board Atlantic Vision


1045 One last look at Port-aux-Basques

1050 check out cabin

1400 Cape Breton spotted

Back to Atlantic Daylight Time
1600 Arrive North Sydney, NS

1655 Don Cherry’s, Sydney, NS: Ribs, Fries, Sprite
1750 Quality Inn, Sydney, NS
2000 Butterscotch Sundae (soft serve)

Friday the 11th
50° clear - 65° sunny
0700 depart Quality Inn
0710 Tim Hortons: Sausage Biscuit, OJ
0725 Depart Tim Hortons for Caribou, NS Ferry to PEI
            3:05 to Ferry and it leaves at 1030
0810 Road construction, lose 5 minutes, ETA 1035
0919 Car handles funny
0920 Road Construction, gonna lose 5 more minutes.
            Driver waiting behind me informs me that Left Rear tire is flat.
            Pull over beside flagger and change tire.
0930 Get back in line at flagger
            Oprah says “Canadian Tire” in 15 minutes
0935 resume driving on temp spare on ground-up road surface
0950 Canadian Tire, Port Hawkesbury, NS
            Yes, we have a P195/65 R15 for 72 CDN (92 with all taxes)
1000 Install new tire
1005 On the road again, ETA now 1105
1045 McDonalds, New Glasgow, NS: Angus Burger, Fries, Sprite (19.84 CDN)
1100 mail post card
1120 Dad spots Bald Eagle
1130 Arrive at PEI Ferry (previous departure was 1030, next is 1230)
1215 drive onto ferry
1230 depart for PEI
1235 Can’t find real Ice Cream on ship
1345 Arrive PEI
1405 Find real Ice Scream Stand (down to last 7 flavors)
            Orange Pineapple/Sugar Cone
1425 I spot Bald Eagle
1555 Gas: Summerside, PEI. Odom = 126831
1705 St Huberts, Moncton, NB: Oriental chicken breast, fries, Sprite
1755 make hotel reservation
1930 Comfort Inn, Fredericton, NB

Saturday the 12th
47° foggy - 65° sunny - 60° rain
0720 depart
0840 arrive at border town of Vanceboro, ME
Eastern Daylight Time
0740 cross border, guard asks if I got 47 during trip.
            I point to the ‘rents and say: “Too much extra weight.”
0900 arrive at cousin Martha’s house in Lincoln, ME
0930 depart
1120 attempt to visit new bridge at Fort Knox state park.
            Parking lot is full
            Bypass park
1205 Lobster Pound Restaurant, Lincolnville Beach, ME: Lobster, Sprite
1250 H Swanson art gallery
            Visit with Mimi and Papa
1315 depart
1320 Oprah guides us around Camden, ME center gridlock
1335 Gas: Camden, ME. Odom = 127270
1355 Route 17 thru Washington, ME
1405 Route 32 joins us.  Hmmm 1732!
1420 Big Chill Ice Cream stand: Maine Camp Coffee on sugar cone
1640 Friendlys, Amesbury, MA: Hot Dog, Fries, Coffee Shake
1730 01985
1810 Cross new bridge on Pelham Rd in Salem, NH
1830 Home. Odom = 127469.  3150.9 miles.  44.86 MPG.

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