The Elder Follansbees' Canada '04 Trip Report

Stardate 383-55, Monday
09:30 Left West Newbury
11:40 Lunch: Weathervane in Waterville, ME
15:10 Cross International Bridge
16:11 Arrive in New Brunswick
18:30 Dinner: McDonalds in Saint John, NB
19:40 Arrive at Comfort Inn, Moncton, NB, room #230

Don't worry, this is the only highway sign in the report.
20:00 Visit Magnetic Hill
20:40 Visit Hopewell Cape
22:00 walk to Petro-Canada, buy $4.96 of candy.  Hand clerk $20.00.  Receive $21.06 in change.

Today's Notable Names
Bangor, ME [see Wales]
Calais, ME [see France]
Musquash, NB [see Hudson]
Magnetic Hill, NB

Stardate 388-89, Tuesday
07:30 Breakfast: McDonalds in Moncton, NB
ask for stamps at front desk, they say, "Try Petro-Canada down the street"
Petro-Canada has 10 of them, 0.47CDN each, Ouch
Post PostCards in convenient box in front of gas station.
08:00 Leave for PEI.
08:53 Cross Confederation Bridge.
09:30 snack on the cheap

All we needed was their "Always Low Priced Parking Lot"
or "Tailgating at Wal-Mart"
11:30 pass wind farm (Atlantic Wind Test Site)

11:35 visit gift shop at North Cape Lighthouse

Buy gift for favorite godchild
11:40 walk around

Take photo for Church directory


Look, Don't Touch
12:00 Lunch: Sand & Reef Restaurant at North Cape, PEI
14:04 visit Motel at West Point Lighthouse

15:00 visit Cape-Egmont
17:15 Dinner: Fisherman's Wharf in Rustico, PEI
19:00 Arrive at Comfort Inn, Charlottetown, PEI, room #229

Today's Notable Names
Huntley, PEI [see Scotland]
Inverness, PEI [see Scotland]
Christopher Cross, PEI
Milburn, Prince, PEI

Stardate 392-75, Wednesday
07:30 Breakfast: McDonalds in gas station in Charlottetown, PEI

Purchase gift for John
ask for stamps at front desk, they say, "Try Petro-Canada next door"
ask if they can post my other PostCards from yesterday which are already stamped -- Yes they can
08:00 Drive to East Point

King Me

East Point Light

Bumper Crop
11:00 Drive thru Montague, learn how to be a great actor in my own home
11:25 Arrive at Wood Islands, Enquire about 13:00 ferry, told "Plenty of room"
11:45 Back in Montague
11:50 Lunch: Wendy's in Montague
12:20 Back at Ferry
12:50 drive on

Driving onto ferry

Neighboring ferry has two lines, no waiting.
14:10 drive off in Pictou, NS

The main deck (above this one) has two trap doors
Mom: "We could visit New Glasgow, we liked Old Glasgow."
Me: "Yeah, but, we also liked Old York."
take scenic route to Antigonish

Cape George Light
the temperature neared 80°
17:00 Dinner: Captain's Grill in Antigonish, NS
19:00 Arrive at Ceilidh Country Lodging in Baddeck, NS, room #438

kinda hazy, but here's the view from our room
19:30 drive around
Baddeck contains Alexander Graham Bell Museum and grave.

Today's Notable Names
Milburn, Kings, PEI
Culloden, PEI [see Scotland]

Stardate 396-75, Thursday

The view has improved
07:00 Breakfast: Flora's in Baddeck, NS
saw sign for BAAdeck Wools (yarn shop)
08:00 drove around Cape Breton

Bras d'Or Bridge from scenic lookoff

St Ann's Bay/Englishtown Ferry from another scenic lookoff

Englishtown Ferry (across St Ann's Bay)

Feeding Frenzy
11:20 visit Bay St Lawrence

Bay St Lawrence
11:30 visit Meat Cove, CB
12:00 take photo of strange rock formation seen on previous trip

strange, huh?
12:30 Lunch: Mountain View Motel Restaurant in Pleasant Bay, NS
13:00 continued drive around Cape Breton

Dad on West Coast of Cape Breton National Park
15:55 visit Baddeck Post Office, ask for Stamps for PostCards to USA, I'm told, "That will be 0.80CDN each" OOPS
so, if you didn't get a postcard from me, that's why
[June 16 - Linda received one.  So, if you don't get one there must be another reason]
16:00 returned to Ceilidh Country and check back in., room #438
17:00 Dinner: Lobster Galley in St Ann's, NS

View from our table
17:30 Drive almost completely around Lake Bras d'Or.


The Little Narrows Ferry

Today's Notable Names
Meat Cove, CB, NS
Beverly's Hill, NS

Stardate 400-49, Friday

Ceilidh Country (notice that even the Gaels do 'i' before 'e' except after 'c'...)
07:00 Breakfast: Flora's in Baddeck, NS
08:00 Drove to Sydney, NS

The Lobster Galley Restaurant

Better Bridge Photo
09:45 Arrive at Marconi National Historic Site in Glace Bay, NS (They open at 10)

Hello, Hello...

10:40 drive through Port Morien, not Portmerion

11:00 visit Fort Louisbourg
11:40 Lunch: McDonalds in Wal-Mart in Sydney, NS (Sorry Rebecca)


Breakers in Lake Bras d'Or
17:00 Dinner: Lobster Treat in Antigonish, NS

Hi Al.
19:20 arrive at Comfort Inn in Truro, NS, room #205

The View
19:30 ask at front desk for info on Tidal Bore.
xeroxed sheet from hotel indicates it happened 20 minutes ago.  Next one at 07:40 tomorrow.

Today's Notable Names
Lower River Inhabitants, NS
West North River Road, NS
Oban, NS [see Scotland]

Stardate 404-61, Saturday

Today's car fact, If your car's temperature is less than zero you should call in sick.
07:00 Breakfast at McDonalds in Truro, NS
07:20 Check tidal bore, nothing happening yet, due at 07:40
07:25 Check out
07:30 return to Tidal Bore Site
08:15 get suspicious
08:20 ask at nearby hotel, they say 09:20 maybe a few minutes earlier.  My chart from my hotel is for some site 90 minutes away.
09:08 see activity on river.

The Tidal Bore (click for larger view)
09:10 that was cool
09:12 drive west
11:40 Lunch at McDonalds in Amherst, NS

Roadside Trash
12:00 drive west

kept seeing this flowering shrub all week, Azalea perhaps?
13:15 view FlowerPots from across the bay

The FlowerPots from 3 miles away

The FlowerPots from 2 miles away

15:10 view FlowerPots up close

The Folks


15:40 visit gift shop

It's still tulip season

It's still moose season
16:00 drive through Fundy Provincial Park
17:00 Supper at JJ's Diner in Quality Inn in Sussex, NB
19:00 check into Country Inn & Suites #223 in Saint John, NB
very spacious room with separate bedroom, $99CDN.
they've got wireless internet access!

Today's Notable Names
Portapique, NS
Economy Falls, NS (home of the Economy Fire Dept)
Diligent River, NS
Memramcook, NB
Quispamsis, NB

Stardate 407-78, Sunday
dsc: 3101-3104
07:10 Breakfast at McDonalds in Saint John, NB
07:45 on the road
09:10 arrive at international bridge
08:10 no line at border crossing, showed passports/license, waved through
11:03 Lunch at Wendy's in Augusta, ME
13:57 arrive back in West Newbury
Stardate 410-56

2801 miles driven.