Ontario 2006

Thursday, June 15
75° Sunny then scattered showers
10:00 We left Hudson.
11:20 Lunch in Concord at Olive Garden (Chicken Parm, sprite)
15:00 Ferry across Lake Champlain

16:30 Dinner at Subway (Toasted Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Provolone), sprite
19:00 Arrive at Best Western, Old Forge, NY

Friday, June 16
75° Sunny
07:00 McDonalds (Sausage Biscuit, OJ, Hash Browns)
09:00 Arrive at Airgas Watertown, NY
09:30 After deciding that I don't need anything from Staples, I send the folks off on a three hour tour.

10:00 UPS brings everything but a UPS
10:30 After installing a new front-counter PC, we switch over to new network.
11:00 move printers to new network
11:30 UPS arrives with a UPS
12:00 folks return for lunch, one printer is not behaving.
12:10 Red Lobster (shrimp and flounder, sprite)
13:00 back to Airgas
13:15 UPS is installed and new-but-bogus JetDirect box is replaced.

     Off to CA.
14:00 board ferry for Wolfe Island, ON
14:30 board ferry for Kingston, ON
    If First Prize is a week in Kingston, Second Prize is at least three weeks.
16:45 dinner at Harvey's in Bellville, ON (Angus burger, fries, sprite)
19:00 arrive Quality Suites, Whitby, ON for two nights
19:40 leave for CN Tower with Mom.
20:20 arrive at CN Tower

20:25 enter queue for tickets
20:50 get tickets (Should have bought on-line)
20:55 arrive at observation level (1136 feet)
20:58 arrive at Sky Pod (1465 feet)



Mom 1465' above the street

1100' feet straight down

I found a machine which squeezes pennies like Richard.
21:00 sunset - too hazy to really enjoy
21:30 return to earth
21:40 squish a penny

Saturday, June, 17
92° Sunny
07:30 Dennys (Hash browns, bacon, english, Ruby Red)
08:00 off to Peterborough
09:40 arrive, big festival in town, drat, it's Arts.
10:30 cruise not running.
11:00 find Peterborough lift-lock


12:00 lunch at Lovesick Lake Park Cafe (Hot dog, fries, 7up)
13:00 drive to a few other locks
14:30 Kirkfield lift-lock
    Here it is in action
17:00 dinner at Don Cherry's (ribs, chicken fingers, fries, sprite)

Sunday, June 18
81° Sunny then Rain
07:30 Dennys (Hash browns, bacon, english, Ruby Red)
08:00 off to Sudbury
10:00 look for Muskoka Falls
10:20 look for and find High Falls

11:00 look for and find Rosseau Falls
12:00 find Don Cherry's in Parry Sound, ON (ribs, fries, sprite)

15:30 Quality Inn in Sudbury, ON
16:30 Montana's (BBQ Beef Brisket sandwich, fries, Sprite)

Monday, June 19
75° Sunny
07:10 Breakfast in Hotel Restaurant (Toast, Peameal bacon, OJ)
08:00 depart for Sault Sainte Marie, ON (Saint Mary's Rapids) Sault is some corruption of Jumps in French
09:03 visit Whitefish Falls

09:10 spot fake woodpecker on pole

09:44 drive on to Manitoulin Island (The world's largest island in fresh water)

09:56 High Falls

10:37 see ferry approach

11:04 Wild flowers
11:08 visit Manitoulin Lake (The world's largest lake on a fresh water island)
11:43 drive back off Manitoulin Island
12:00 McDonalds (Burger, fries, Sprite) buy 5 bags of Cookies for emergencies.
13:14 les Chutes Provincial Park

16:00 arrive Sleep Inn in SSM, ON
16:45 find train station and book seat for tomorrow's tour
17:10 Arby's (French dip, fries, sprite)

Tuesday, June 20
81° Sunny
06:10 Up and at 'em
06:45 Arrive at Agawa Canyon Train

08:00 depart for canyon


11:40 arrive in canyon, disembark, wander around


13:00 Lunch in Dining car (BBQ pulled chicken sub, Sprite)
13:40 re-board train

17:30 Arrive back at start 228 miles later
17:40 Arby's (French dip, fries, sprite)

Sunset was at 21:34 tonight.

Wednesday, June 21
77° Partly Sunny
07:30 out the door
07:48 cross International Bridge into Michigan

08:52 cross Mackinaw Bridge

09:09 cross Mackinaw Bridge

09:28 Scale Castle Rock



12:00 lunch at KFC (Colonel Strips, Mashed, Sprite)
12:28 buy tickets for 12:30 Soo Lock Tour
12:30 begin Soo Lock Tour


+ Our Hotel

One of Edison's power plants
14:42 tour ends
16:38 visit Crystal Falls


17:00 Lone Star Cafe (Ribs, Chicken, Fries, Sprite, Texas-size VSD)

Thursday, June 22
59° Sunny, 51° Drizzly, 57° Overcast
07:30 out the door
08:07 Chippewa Falls

We're not lost, honest

09:58 Sand River Falls


11:24 Silver Falls


11:45 Subway (Toasted Ham, Turkey, Bacon) Sprite
12:10 drive to Chapleau
13:40 drive to Timmons
15:25 arive Comfort Inn in Timmons, ON, check in to hotel
15:40 head for Shania Twain Center

16:10 back to hotel

16:45 KFC (popcorn chicken, fries, sprite)

Friday, June 23
  57° Mostly Sunny
07:45 out the door
08:00 Web site said Post Office opened at 8, door says 8:30

Name two things Russell likes and the one thing they always say to him...

10:00 feel like Chicken, head for Quebec.
10:55 Arrive in Rouyn-Norunda, PQ, head for St Hubert (Hot Chicken Sandwich, Fries, 7up)

M&R will get this.
16:00 arrive at Comfort Inn in North Bay, ON
16:45 Churchill's Prime Rib House (Prime rib, yorkshire pudding, mashed, Sprite)
18:24 Eau Clair Falls

19:18 Duchesnay Falls

Saturday, June 24
77° Sunny
08:10 look at the time
08:45 out the door
10:43 Ragged Falls Provincial Park

11:00 Algonquin Provincial Park
12:30 Dixie Lee Chicken (fingers, fries, 7up)

16:55 St Hubert in Cornwall, ON (1/2 Chicken, fries, Sprite)

18:00 Quality Inn in Massena, NY

Sunday, June 25
77° Sunny
07:10 hit the road

11:50 lunch at McDonalds in White River Junction (Burger, fries, sprite)
13:54 arrive at home

The damage

I appear to have de-bugged Ontario